Church Housing Trust supports people who have been homeless, by funding the help they need to rebuild their lives. Our roots go back to 1882, when Revd Wilson Carlile began working with homeless people in central London. Today we help more than 4,500 people every year.

We do this by providing funding for clothes, training, travel, facilities, life skills and other personal support that helps people to become more confident and healthy. We also support their move to independent living with grants for basic furnishings and household essentials for their new homes.

Church Housing Trust is looking for trustee members for its board. To find out more and apply, please go to the job description here.

Want to know more? Watch one of our videos

Bishop David visits Manchester scheme
Clara's story
Clara is a mother of four, but she ended up bouncing from hostel to homeless scheme. She describes her journey, and the hope that now she is at a Riverside scheme, she can get her life back. Huge thanks to Hywel Davies for filming and editing.
"Being homeless is an absolute nightmare."
People become homeless for a variety of reasons. Learn about the lives of three people that Church Housing Trust has helped, and how we help them.
Church Housing Trust in Manchester
Filmed in Manchester, this video illustrates the variety of services that Riverside hostels are able to provide thanks to Church Housing Trust's funding.
Hamble Court's community kitchen
A short celebrating the opening of Hamble Court's community kitchen.
Riverside's Mike Jackson House
Mike Jackson House offers accommodation to single ex-Services personnel, plus some fantastic opportunities to receive training, undertake counselling and even make use of a gym.
Thank you 2014
2014 has been an eventful year, and without your support we couldn't have helped so many marginalised and homeless people get a second chance. Music is 'Supernova' by Craig Summers.

We are so thankful for the huge effort our supporters go to in order to help homeless people around the harsh winter months, and their generosity during the holiday season.

However, homelessness is not a problem that disappears overnight. Church Housing Trust raises funds throughout the year in order to meet the needs of the people we raise money for. So we, and those we help, appreciate your support all year round, too.